Who The F*ck?

Hailing from Turkey, Snowball Project is the duo of Berk Yüce and Can Keles, who have fused atmospheric house music with very recognizable progressions that recall the excitement and freshness of early electronic classics like Inner Citys Good Life. Production is top notch and their sound imprint is uniquely soothing yet energetic without being too busy. During the years, duo released several EPs, singles, and remixes from different labels like Existence Music, Soundtribe Rekords, and PurpleCat Digital music and shared the same stage with house music gods like Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, 16 bit Lolitas in their hometown, Ankara. In their gigs, its possible to see that duo likes to break barriers between different genres of house music and shape their own unique, energetic yet dedicated sound. Between 2006-2009 they were highly known by almost anyone in dance music scene in their country with their gigs and internationally with their releases. Their Ambivalence EP hit the charts of progressivehouse.com’s top 20 chart from #6 and got the likes of Nick Warren, Moonbeam, 16bit lolitas, Darin Epsilon, Gerardo Boscarino and video clip of the original track took place in TV channels (BPM TV, MTV Balkanian). Snowball Project also aired different radio shows on proton radio (USA), frisky radio, pure.fm (Mexico), dancemusic.gr (Greece), Radyovizyon (Turkey) as host and as a guest. However, after 2009, duo decided to give 2 years break to their musical journey and started to experiment on different styles as well as focused on their own life. 2011 is the year, in which, they announced that “we missed ya all alot, and we got the hammer back to smash dance floors”.

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